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Regrow Your Healthiest, Thickest, Fullest Hair!

  • Works Effectively on Both Women and Men
  • Stops Hair Loss Rapidly
  • Stimulates New Hair Growth
  • Prolongs Health & Productivity of Follicles

Regrow Your Healthiest, Thickest, Fullest Hair!

  • Works Effectively on Both Women and Men
  • Stops Hair Loss Rapidly
  • Stimulates New Hair Growth
  • Prolongs Health & Productivity of Follicles

What Are the Benefits of Using Stimuscalp?


Women who suffer from thinning hair. Whether the result of natural aging, lifetime of harsh styling, or unknown causes, StimuScalp Volume Activated Cleanser will deliver the nourishment and protection your scalp needs to not only maintain the hair you have but help you grow thicker, more beautiful hair going forward.


Having thinning hair can be extremely emotional for many of us. Low self confidence can affect many aspects of our lives, both personal and professional. StimuScalp Volume Activating Cleanser can help you regain your confidence and help you enjoy a more fulfilling quality of life. Whether used by itself or in combination with our Hair Thinning System, this is a wonderful Paraben free formula.


Parabens and Sulphates have been proven to be harsh on your hair and detrimental to maintaining a full head of hair. StimuScalp's Volumizing Cleanser is Free of Paragons and Sulphates, ensuring your hair gets the best possible treatment to maintain and further the health of your hair and scalp.


Men who’s hair line is not what it used to be. Whether male pattern baldness or a slow thinning of the hair, StimuScalp is the right choice to protect your existing hair and give you the appearance of high volume hair.


If you look in the mirror and are not satisfied with your hair and wish you could “turn back the clock” to a time when you had fuller looking hair, StimuScalp Volume Activating Cleanser is the solution for you. Proven Ingredients, Real Results.


By Protecting Your Hair from harsh styling and environmental damage, StimuScalp helps your hair and follicle maintain ideal health. a Quality Thinning Hair Treatment requires maintaining existing hair, while delivering the necessary stimulation to grow new hair. StimuScalp Volume Activating Cleanser lays the ground work for both.



StimuScalp’s Award Winning Formula is specifically designed to Stop Hair Loss Quickly, to Restore Scalp Health and Trigger New Hair Growth.  By targeting the conditions in the scalp know to accelerate follicle degeneration, StimuScalp blocks hair loss at the source, allowing you restore and maintain a healthy, full head of hair.

As we age, follicles can become miniaturized and even suffer from fibrosis, this process starts a domino effect that ends with thinner looking hair and ultimately baldness.  StimuScalp is specially formulated to block and reverse that process, allowing you to regain the head of hair you have always desired.



Alopecia, the scalp affection typically known as baldness, happens as a result of by a domino like process.  First, the hair follicle shrinks or is miniaturized.  Second, the follicle shifts from the subcutaneous layer to the dermal superficial layers.  This creates smaller and thinner hair shafts.  Finally, a fibrosis (damaging or scarring) of the connective tissue surrounding the bulb occurs.  Inflammation is commonly accompanies this process.  Once these changes to the follicle and the connective tissue surrounding the bulb happens, the bulb continues to weaken until it can no longer produce hair.

StimuScalp is precisely formulated to Stop this process in its tracks. By working to block the fibrosis of the connective tissue and stimulating activity within the follicle and bulb itself.  StimuScalp has been proven to support the long term health and function of  follicles and bulbs, leaving you with a fuller, healthier head of hair.

The scientists wanted a complete treatment for thinning hair and therefore they address every aspect of thinning hair to help you ensure you achieve the results you desire.  StimuScalp Stops Hair Loss, Stimulates New Hair Growth, Improves Overall Scalp and Health, and Thickens and Protects your hair and scalp from future environmental damage.



We hear from Women who suffer from Premature Hair Loss. Terrible emotional process for people to go through, which can affect many aspects of your life, both personal and professional. StimuScalp helps restore your self confidence with Fast, Effective Results.
Men who prefer to address their thinning hair, rather than just accept the inevitable. No longer do you just have to sit back

and watch your hair line fade more and more each day. If you want to stop hair loss and grow new hair, without the risk of sexual side effects, StimuScalp is the solution you have been waiting for.

The blow drying, curling and styling of hair can have a negative affect on hair health in the long run. Many women find, as they age, that their hair grows thinner and gives them less scalp coverage than in the years past. In addition to stopping hair loss and new hair growth, StimuScalp will add volume and thicken you hair to give you a beautiful head of hair.

For many men and women the Side Effects and Risks of other Hair Regrowth Treatments are just too scary. We understand. You should not have to trade your health for a head of hair. StimuScalp delivers Fast, Effective and Safe Results. All Natural formula has made this Thinning Hair Solution a Winner!

Thinning Hair starts with Poor Scalp Health. Men and women who have never paid much attention to their scalp health, now realize how important it is. StimuScalp contains everything your scalp needs to maintain a thick and healthy head of hair.

The Stories go on and on. We have heard from Women and Men, young and old, all who have shared stories with us of how StimuScalp has directly benefited their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I View the Label?

Volume Activating Cleanser View Label
Fortifying Creme-Rinse: View Label
Follicle Revitalizing Serum: View Label

Do I Need a Prescription to Use Stimuscalp?

No, StimuScalp is an all natural treatment designed to stop hair loss, stimulate new hair growth while fostering ideal scalp health and protection from future damage to the scalp and hair.

Why is Stimuscalp Better than the Competition?

StimuScalp provides one of the Most Medically Advanced formula for the Stopping of Hair Loss and the stimulation of new Hair Growth. The precise combination of ingredients and concentrations of those ingredients is what makes StimuScalp the Premier Thinning Hair Solution on the Market Today.

Will This Interfere with my Other Medications?

StimuScalp is all natural so it should be completely safe. However, if you have a specific concern it is always a good idea to run it past your physician.

Who can Benefit from Stimuscalp?

All Adults can benefit. Whether you are a Male or Female, young adult or senior citizen, StimuScalp can help you. If you want to have a thicker, fuller head of hair then this award winning system can help.

How do I use Stimuscalp?

StimuScalp comes with 3 separate treatments. Start with the Wash, follow with the Creme Rinse and finish with the Serum. Instructions for each product are listed on the bottle.


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